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Why do fewer than half who file for a Utility Patent (the most common type) actually receive one?

In 2011, the latest year available,  more than 500,000 inventors had filed,  paying $500 (as a “small entity, “).  But fewer than 250,000 actually had received their patent that year and then only after several years waiting for the first office action, the first official review of the application.


What is “patentable”?

The product

-- is  useful;  it serves to better a condition or improve it

-- actually works; it also does the job easily and economically

-- is new; there is no other product like it

-- is non-obvious; an obvious product or idea won’t qualify


The product must meet each of these requirements. The Patent Office may seem to be arbitrary in denying so many applicants, requiring  the inventors to meet the foregoing conditions and more. Actually, the Patent Office’s conditions are those needed, under Article One of the Constitution, to give the inventor “exclusive right to his discovery.”


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